by Nuclear Moms

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released August 13, 2014

Alex - Bass
Collin - Drums
Tyler - Vox

Recorded/Produced/Mastered at The Scholar Dome



all rights reserved


Nuclear Moms Columbus, Ohio

Drum & Bass
Flowers doused with mud.


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Track Name: Empty Stomach
The baby’s crying so feed it
Silence means the message is received and
It nourished the mind not its stomach
So it sleeps still fucking starving
Now there is so much ground
To cover all those years spent in hunger
And you didn’t bother
Why would you bother? It doesn’t matter to you
Toughen up son. Strengthen your lungs.
Scream all you want, you’re gunna need it later on
You’ll enjoy every second
I’ve been feeding on everything around me
I’ve been building hatred
I’ve been dining on my own
Flesh and blood and meat and bones
I’ve been reborn by myself
Without you
I’ve taken everything in myself and
Broke it into puzzle pieces that have been partly chewed
I will. Consume. Just to. Hate you.
Take it to heart
Track Name: Crusty
I’ve knocked myself down again
Tripped up from under my feet
How fucked up can you get with a heavy head?
But I know my skull won’t crack
I’ve got thick skin
Broken bones won’t let me grow
I’ve mended my wounds
I’ve stitched my skin shut with weeds
I’ve been in the same dirt for years
I won’t ever be clean
It’s layered on my skin
It’s almost comforting
And I’m biting my fingernails
I can taste the dirt trapped underneath
I won’t ever be clean
I. Will. Never. Be. Fucking. Clean.
Track Name: My Mawm
A picture perfect family portrait endorsing fake smiles
Behind closed doors, you get the best end of “I Hate You”’s
I hope you frame all of my “Fuck You”’s on the wall
Screaming face to face until my fist hits the drywall
What a disgrace to your family name
I’m a fuck up without any shame
You’re about as straight forward
And I’ve got the upper hand
So don’t try to hold me back
I won’t accept that
What a disgrace to your family name
I’m a fuck up without any shame
Disowned alone this is not my home
Don’t lie to me love
Go fuck yourself
With a hand on my shoulder and a knife to my back
What did you expect from threats?
You want respect?
Then make some sense.
Unscrew your fucking head.
Track Name: Mudbath
I open my mouth just to vomit mud.
I’m disgusting and covered in guts
I’ve been playing in mud
My plastic layers are finally cracking
All cracked up a thrashing thrown out in the trash
I’ve given every fuck that I had
Fuck that
I told myself I’d never let it get this bad
But I can’t say that I’m not entertained.
All the mud that’s collected in my brain
Couldn’t have made me anymore sane
Sicken me.
I am slime incarnate
No solid construction
I will slip right through your fucking grip
The damage is done
I’m covered in mud
Track Name: Cracked
It’s a tidal wave crashing over me
With all the weight in my chest and I can’t breath
Drowing me, fucking dragging me under
So I’ll drown you out
I’ll drown you out so I don’t have to listen
To the screeching coming out of your fucking mouth
It’s astounding the sounds you create
Now I’m just building
It’s boiling over
My blood’s starting to show through my skin
And I’m exploding and focusing it all on you
You’ve got a lot of nerve, but I’ve got just as much
You keep crashing and thrashing, but I’m holding my ground
I’m dug deep fucking under
All I see is a solid excuse to puke
Until you’re fucking covered
Let it all soak in
I want you to feel the disgust you bring me
And each word you purge is another cussed back
Fuck you
Track Name: Mom Jeans
You’re an image
A fake face with disgusting features
The waves of words won’t work
Your actions to short me
But I won’t conform
No I won’t conform
I won’t ever follow in your footsteps
My eyes wide I still can’t recognize what’s in front of me
Shape shifter stay the fuck away from me
I can’t understand what you see
Your self regard needs readjusted in your head
I can’t help anything with the way your react
You keep shifting and shaping
I won’t ever let you get to me
I’ll keep up with your fucking charade
And I won’t mold just to make you happy
It’s the last thing on my mind
No shifting and shaping and shifting and shaping
When will you learn that you’ll never change anything
Fuck your shape shifting
Track Name: Parents
It’s the insanity you blame me with
That makes me that much insane
If the worms in my brain taught me anything
Your resistance is my pain
Fuck ups turn into throat cuts
I can see your tongue curling down the back of your throat
I hope you choke
You cunt fuck you disgust me
It hurts to form words towards you
But I’ve lost too much blood
From biting my bottom lip
It feels like the only way I’ll be happy
Is to hear you screaming underneath a dirt blanket
Simply put, I can’t fucking stand you
I really fucking hate you
I can’t help smiling at the sound of you screaming